If you’re unable to evaluate your proficiency in French, you will be able to have a test. Then according to your score, your teacher is able to prepare a program based on your weak points. You can also decide to work on a specific skill : listening comprehension and oral expression, or reading comprehension and written expression.


This course is based on French grammar.
If you have gaps in French grammar, we can focus the course on grammar points you need to work.
You will improve your writing skills with a lot of activities and exercices: written comprehension and
expression, conjugation, vocabulary, grammar games, etc.

Learn and travel

You would like to travel to France or to a French speaking country? Learn the basics of the everyday spoken language, and you’ll be able to find your own way ! Create your own itinerary and book a city tour, read maps, manage a trip. Make a call, make appointments and bookings. Understand and get practical details: directions, prices, opening hours, etc.

French culture and civilization

This course offers insights into the culture and civilisation of France. What sort of culture shocks should I prepare for? Among the subjects covered are: traditions and local customs, French Gastronomy, the French education system, the history of France, literature, etc.

Business French Courses

Get the skills you’ll need to understand and speak French in the most common everyday situations in a company. Among the subjects covered (depending on your needs and objectives) are: -The business world: professional environments, social and professional relationships. – Organization of a French company. -Communication within the company: oral communication (telephone calls, inquiries, negociations, job interview training), written communication (writing e-mails and letters, a CV and a cover letter in French), etc. This French course is intended for students with a good basic knowledge of French. (level B1 minimum – intermediary level)

French Exam Preparation Course (DELF/DALF)

The DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française (French language studies diploma)) and the DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française (Advanced French language studies diploma)) are the only qualifications recognized by the French Ministry of Education. They are valid indefinitely and all over the world. They assess your level of proficiency in French. Each diploma assesses your level in the following four skills: oral skills and listening comprehension, written skills and reading comprehension. Your teacher prepares you for the standard general exam through, listening and reading strategies, vocabulary development, grammar refreshers, and strengthening your knowledge of the French culture. For more information about the DELF – DALF please visit the official CIEP website

French Exam Preparation Course (DILF)

The DILF (Diplôme Initial de Langue Française, or initial diploma in French language) is a qualification in French as a foreign language that assesses basic users (level A1.1 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). It is an initial step towards the DELF and DALF. Like the DELF and DALF, the DILF is awarded by the French Ministry of Education. The DILF is only available in French territories. For more information about the DILF please visit the official CIEP website:

French Exam Preparation Course (TCF)

The TCF is a standardized test of general French language, designed and graded by the CIEP (a key national public institution for the Ministries of Education and Higher Education). This exam is intended for non-native French speakers who want to assess their level of proficiency in French for professional, personal or academic reasons. Following the successful completion of the test, the CIEP issues a certificate (valid for 2 years) certifying the candidate’s current level in French. For more information about the different TCF exams please visit the official CIEP website: